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1) Which boiler do I choose?
Today, there is a very wide range of boilers to choose from. The most important things are: the boiler's reliability, durability, thermal characteristics, and opportunities to meet individual needs. Most often it is better to choose a reliable, well-known manufacturer of the boiler that one of an unheard name. It is important that the boiler is of adequate power, so that it does not waste energy or that it would lack the power.

2) What kind of heating methods do I choose?
The most common is the radiator heating method, but now the underfloor heating is increasingly applied - floor or walls are heated. The underfloor heating is convenient, it does not require high temperatures, does not take place, and does not damage the interior. This type of heating usually uses gas, liquid fuel boilers or geothermal heating. Using a solid fuel boiler or solar energy storage tank, it is necessary and to properly select the boiler room automation. Properly selected high-quality automation will not only save on heating, but will also maintain the desired temperature.

3) What kind of fuel do I choose?
Heating boilers can use gas, electricity, liquid or solid fuels.
Gas ones are convenient because it does not need to be prepared in advance and to keep bringing new tanks. When combusting, the gases almost do not leave any soot. The only and perhaps the biggest challenge - to bring the pipeline, if it is not near to the premises.
Liquid fuel is also convenient to use, but you need to constantly organize its stock, and a container must be installed for it. The bigger it is - the less frequently you will have to restock its levels
Choosing the electrical boilers you use the ecologically cleanest heating system available, but it is rather expensive. (Unless you use electrode-ionic boilers or heaters)
Solid fuel boilers are the cheapest, but the most problematic, because heating will be manual, and the fuel will need to be stored somewhere and be constantly replenished.

4) Questions on the electrode heating:

What are the costs?
We mainly have customers who are spending around 0,58-1,16 Eur (2-4 Lt) per square meter of heated area during the coldest month.
There are customers that also pay up to 1,74 Eur (6 Lt).
Heating costs are directly dependent on your indoor heat loss, heat resistance and the set heating temperature.
Not one of our customers have made sure that heating using the ionic boilers is cheaper than gas. Some argue that it is not more expensive than to use heat pumps, and installation costs 4-6 times cheaper.

What are the installation costs?
It depends on the specifications.
Price consists of the following criteria:
Materials: boiler, with its allocated automation, sensor-room programmer-controller, a special liquid, all fittings (expansion tank, filter, circulation pump, automatic air vent, manometer, safety valve, dampers, temperature sockets, bends, pipes, transitions), etc.
Jobs: arrival to the client, boiler installation, connection to the system, filling up of the heating system and the air vent, and the boiler start-up and alignment.
For residences of up to 150 m2 - from 869 Eur (3000,00 Lt)
Mini boiler price - from 72 Eur (250,00 Lt)
And these prices are not final, because it depends on the model.
To learn more specifically, please contact the manufacturer.

What are the maintenance costs?
Every few years (depending on the intensity of boiler operation), you may need to change the electrodes, which cost from 14,5 Eur (50 Lt) for single-phase and 72 Eur (250 Lt) for the three-phase ones.
The electrodes should not be changed if the boiler remains its sufficient power.


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